Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas 2007

We celebrated Christmas at home this year. It was nice to be home because we haven't seen our family since we moved to Colorado. It was exciting, and yet very tiring, because we had to try and see everyone in 5 days!

Our friends, Chelo and Laura, with their brand new baby girl, Elena. I love that head of hair!

Chelo, Laura, Elena, Mike and I on Christmas Eve at church. Elena was fussing so much I couldn't hold her for this picture. :(

My Aunt Donna and cousin Andrew came to visit me the day before we left.

Jordan, opening his cool Colorado University, Boulder Buffs sweatshirt.

Amy and Tom on Christmas Day.

Micah, opening the jacket we got him from a small shop in Ouray, CO.

New brown pants from Eddie Bauer.

Those slippers are hard-core! :)

Molly loved this jumbo-sized dog bone.

Look at Dad's eyes! hehe We got him this really cool book about all the jeep trails in Colorado. He can't wait to bring the jeep out this summer and do some exploring. I'm sure he'll get a ton of ideas from this book.

Mike, me, Grandma and Grandpa Green.

Micah, roughing Molly up.