Saturday, August 30, 2008

10 weeks along

I've been ordered by my mother to take pictures of myself during my pregnancy so everyone can watch me get bigger. Okay, so it's not much yet...but this is me pregnant at 10 weeks. And I should also mention that this is at night, after I've had lots to eat all day, so in the morning it's not even this big.

Our New Tent

We haven't used it yet, but Mike wanted to practice setting up our new camping tent. Now that school has started, we'll have to wait for next summer...
Here's what it looks like without the fly cover.

Black Bear and Ophir Pass

The boys did these two passes by themselves one day. This pass is pronounce "O-Fear," which I thought sounded appropriate.
If you can see the zig-zag trail on the face of the mountain on the left, that's Black Bear Pass. It's a one way up and one way down trail.

At the top.

Cinnamon Pass

Cinnamon Pass

I opted out of this jeeping day, but they seemed to enjoy Cinnamon Pass.
A beautiful shot of Dad's jeep coming up the way. You can see the trail far behind into the mountains.

A great shot of a marmot. I love their golden color.

The boys posing for a picture in Micah's jeep.

Imogene Pass

Imogene Pass
On the second day of jeeping we did Imogene Pass - a little more challenging and nerve-wracking than Yankee Boy Basin. Check out that elevation at the top!
A great view of Dad's jeep on the edge of the trail - and the edge of the cliff.

Going through a shallow creek.

Micah's jeep leading the way, going up.

From the top we had to go down this side. We had to wait for all of these upcoming vehicles to get to the top before we could head down. It's too narrow to allow two vehicles to pass, but there are several pull offs just in case.

On the way down we ran into this mining ghost town. This is my favorite part of exploring. This town had a booming population of 900 at its peak.

This was one of the final interesting driving points on the trail before we got to Telluride, the ending point.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Yankee Boy Basin

Yankee Boy Basin
Jeeping with Mom, Dad, and Micah
On our first day of jeeping we decided to attempt Yankee Boy Basin 4WD trail. It was suppose to be pretty doable. We had a lot of fun, despite being a bit nervous at times, and got to see some great scenery.
Yankee Boy Basin is known for its beautiful wildflowers.

Dad and me with the Jeeps.

I love seeing the old mines. It's amazing how they just up and left them there to their own devices. The elements in the mountains don't allow them to stand for long.

This is Yankee Boy mine, the biggest, most destructed one I've seen so far.

Micah and Mike have a small adventure through the creek. See the bridge next to them? Nobody uses it.

All smiles...

Going down...

Going under Hanging Rock...