Sunday, June 28, 2009

This is something new!


I noticed tonight that Raeann was sucking on her lower lip. Forget the fingers or the pacifier, those are old favorites. This is something interesting and new!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

All kinds of new discoveries...

Reaeann discovered all kinds of things in the two weeks we were in Michigan.  I can't believe how much more fun she is now that she looks and plays with things.
She discovered her hands and the burp rag are fun to play with.  The ride home was much more quiet since she could occupy herself for some time with these things.
Staring at a chip-clip I clipped to the baby seat hood.  After staring at this awhile she fell asleep.  I think she got exhausted from trying to figure it out.  

Love in Michigan

Raeann sure saw a lot of people while we were in Michigan.  This is just a taste of how many people wanted to hold her and spend time with her.  But how could you resist something so cute, anyway?

With Laura...
With Chelo...
With Sheryl...
Early morning with Daddy...
Kisses from Mommy...

New toys!

While we were in Michigan, Raeann discovered toys. She had no interest in any of these things before we left, so it was lucky Laura and Chelo had this cool kick n play gym. I really think she figured out how it worked after awhile. You can hear her yelling at it when the little wheels wouldn't turn.

Sorry this one is sideways...I didn't realize I couldn't flip it. She loves this rattle and has actually started looking at it now. I don't think she realized what it was for at first.