Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First baby shower

The elementary staff threw me a baby shower today.  I was very adamant about making sure that I only got things I really needed and many of them were considerate of that.  You know, people can go crazy when it comes to buying for babies.  I either got homemade things, things off my registry, or gift cards, so I was very grateful.  This is a picture of two of the other second grade teachers.  I feel like I'm much bigger than I look in this picture.
The good stuff...of course, I didn't have much of this, but everyone else seemed to enjoy it.
The gifts...

Mike was able to skip on over from the high school and join us.  I was so happy he could be there!

My mom conspired with my friend Claire and sent gifts from both herself and my Grandma Pat for me to open at the shower.  I was so confused when I opened Grandma's card.  I couldn't figure out which staff member would sign the card "Grandma Pat."  Another second grade teacher clued me in.  This is the adorable jumper she sent me.
Opening Mom's gift.  Yes, I know my eyes are closed, but this is the only picture of me opening gifts where you can sorta see how pregnant I really am.
A blanket from Mom...

This beautiful quilt was made by one of the third grade teachers.  It goes perfectly with the colors in the nursery.
Okay, so new rule for all you blanket-makers.  No more blankets!  My basket in the nursery is full, and this does not include the one on the back of the glider, the one in the crib, or the one in the bottom drawer of the dresser.
I thought I would include a picture of the latest piece of furniture to enter our nursery, the glider chair.  It's really comfortable and I think it will be incredibly necessary at the wee hours of the morning.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pushing, stretching, and pulling

I'm not looking all that enthusiastic here because I'm in pain!  The baby is pushing, stretching, and laying against the middle of my belly constantly, making it feel like I have a strip of pulled muscles through the middle of my stomach.  My nurse practicioner says that's normal.  We have a baby that likes to be up front and center, I guess.  Yes, I'm ornery.  Pregnancy is not as beautiful as everyone says it is.  7 more weeks...