Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fishing on Grand Mesa

We went fishing up at Grand Mesa yesterday. The last time we were up there there was still a lot of snow and the fish weren't biting, but this time was much better. Mike taught me to fly fish. I didn't catch anything on it, but it was still a great skill to have under my belt. You can see the weather was starting to roll in up there. We left shortly after this.

Mike caught a rainbow trout on the fly of his fly rod. He's trying to grab it here. They are slippery little buggers!

Finally got it for the picture.
I caught two rainbow fish up there as well. I'm getting braver at holding them, but so far I could never fish without Mike there to bait the hook and unhook the fish I catch.

In Parachute with Kari

We went up to Parachute to help Mike's friend from Ferris paint her house. After we were done, she took us to Rifle Falls. It has three waterfalls and many trails in which you could walk around them. Of course, Mike had to put his feet in the water.
This is Kari and me on one of the ledges about halfway up the waterfall.

Around the falls were many caves formed by the water. Mike just couldn't resist getting in one.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Curecanti Creek

Mike and I had a little adventure today. We drove along highway 92 (one of the highways that both of our moms were terrified on) to originally go fishing on Curecanti Creek. We stopped at an overlook called Hermit's Rest. If you click on the picture, you may be able to see a 20+ foot boat with a cutty cabin in the water just left of my elbow.
Most of the times we've been fishing I haven't caught anything. We are still figuring out this Colorado fishing. But today I was proud to catch my first brook trout out of this beautiful creek!

We also stopped at an overlook to see the Blue Mesa Dam. This dam created the largest reservoir in the state. (For scale you can see a red SUV on the top of the dam.)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Some Sightseeing

Tyler, Andrew (Goon), and Cali headed to the Box Canyon Falls in Ouray, CO.

Cali and me with the falls behind us. It was really cool in there.

Cali doing a bit of Spelunking. There was a trail above the falls and part of the trail went through a cave.

Flower in Black Canyon Nat'l Park.

Collared Lizard

Tyler and I, enjoying the view of the Black Canyon after a short climb out to our perch.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Backpacking Trip

Andrew Gagnon, Tyler Huntley and myself set out for what ended up being a 6 day back packing trip in the Weminuche wilderness of Colorado (San Juan Mountains). It was hard work hiking over a total of 35 miles with an elevation gain of over 10,000 feet. We didn't venture too high with our highest point reached only being 12,200 feet.


In the first 150 yards or so we had to cross the Rio Grande. It was freezing, very fast, had a couple deep spots (waist), and very unstable round rocks. Needlesss to say it was very scary with 65 lbs strapped to your back.

Getting a little deep!

Farther up the Rio Grande

Black Lake

Beautiful alpine valley

A couple dozen Elk; if you click this you can probably see them better.

A fairly big Cutthroat trout.

Here I am among the Columbine on the edge of a cliff. Tyler and I free climbed a 200 foot rock face. It was very neat because it had several ledges on the way up to rest on so we had to only had to climb 10 to 20 foot sections at a time.

Paused looking at my GPS for our elevation before climbing up the next section which is behind me. It was perfect with lots of good holds.

Me working my way up a section.

The view from up top after climbing our rock face/mountain.

Looking down at our lake. I think you can even see Andrew (goon) on the shore in the bottom right if you click on the picture.


A Nalgene to give scale to a Brookie and Cutthroat we caught.

A decent 13 -14" or so Brookie I caught.

Our Basecamp.
A view from our tent during an evening rain.

Flint Lake. If you click and look very close you can see Tyler just to the left of a patch of snow down on the other side of the lake.

A decent Cutthroat I caught at Flint Lake.

During the trek back to Basecamp we got all kinds of rain and hail. The hail really stung the ears. You can see all the hail accumulated on the trail we are on.

Here we are on our way back about 3/4 mile from the car.