Sunday, October 31, 2010

Beautiful Colorado

Beautiful place fore sure!

A few fishing pics

Some great times fishing out here!!!!

I did a bunch of fishing this summer and caught some great trout. Lately I have been catching some salmon. It is pretty cool catching Kokanee (landlocked Sockeye) salmon and huge trout out here.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

October visit

These are just random pictures from when my parents and grandma came to visit this past week. Mike and I had conferences two of the evenings and were grateful that they were here to watch Raeann. They had a good time going to some mountain towns a couple of days and working around the house.

visiting Ouray...
a good ole grandpa wagon ride!
looking at the water under the bridge

Raeann thought the cornhole boards that Dad had been building and painting all week were great for walking on

wearing Mom's slippers
and her hat
visiting Telluride

interesting fish

The first thing I had to say was, "What's wrong with their mouth?" These are land-locked sockeye salmon that Mike and Goon caught in the Black Canyon. I guess their mouth does that when they are breeding? weird...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Color Tour on Last Dollar Road

Yesterday morning we took a scenic road to Telluride called Last Dollar Road to get some good family pictures and pictures of the colors on the trees. It was the perfect temperature and time to go.

Raeann did really well and loved getting out of the car to explore the leaves, logs, sticks, and trees that we don't have in our backyard.


Smelling a leaf
Such a sweet picture of Mike and Raeann
Taking off on her own - she's so independent!