Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Speed reading

Discovering Daddy's juice

Raeann loves the refrigerator. She can't open it herself, but if it's open for longer than a few seconds she is right there seeing what she can take out of the door. Her favorite items to take out are the jugs of juice and the container of cream cheese.
Going for that prune juice...
Daddy's juice!

Eating up the outside

We had a beautiful weekend and Raeann had her fill (literally - check out the video) of the outside. The neighborhood kids love her and are very mindful of her toddling ways. You can see that she found her way to their chalk-made skateboard path.
For some reason Raeann likes the road the best, which is rather scary! Good thing it's a quiet neighborhood. I think it must be easier to walk on, because no matter how many times I picked her up and took her back to the nice grassy park, she determinedly went to the road again.
These are rocks from our neighbor's front yard. Good thing we have nice neighbors! It was all fun and games until she decided to put the rather small choking hazard rocks in her mouth. I managed to turn the camera off right as her little temper tantrum started. How dare I not let her eat them!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh my oh my

I had to take a picture of Raeann in this dress before church. She's just so stinking cute, everything I put on her is adorable and I want a picture. You can see how this might get a little cumbersome.
Sitting pretty...
And not so much...
A little closer....maybe too close!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Look at Raeann's beautiful Easter dress. I received this dress at a baby shower and had no idea when she would wear it. I was so glad she could wear it today! She loves standing on Mike's old childhood stool - it's still in remarkable shape!
The church had the yard in front of the sanctuary fenced off for babies - 2 year olds. The ground was littered with eggs for all of us to pick up and place in our baskets. I wasn't sure how she would do or how many she would get, but she did remarkably well! She placed egg after egg in her basket and there were so many that it didn't take long for us to fill it up. I thought the older, faster children would overtake us, but the set-up was perfect and there were so many eggs that not one child walked away without a full basket!

Mike took a video of her putting the eggs in the basket, but forgot that you can't take vertical videos. Sorry. :( It's still fun to watch though.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Big Girl Food

We have been making the transition to table food this week while I've been home on spring break. Tonight was our first big break through! Raeann ate macaroni and cheese and diced peaches by herself! At one point she noticed the spoon I laid next to the plate (just to see what she would do with it) and she knew that there was suppose to be food on it, so she attempted to put food on it - what to do after that was lost to her, though. Oh well, that will come.
She's getting so big so fast, I can't believe how much she's learning to do!