Saturday, August 30, 2008

Imogene Pass

Imogene Pass
On the second day of jeeping we did Imogene Pass - a little more challenging and nerve-wracking than Yankee Boy Basin. Check out that elevation at the top!
A great view of Dad's jeep on the edge of the trail - and the edge of the cliff.

Going through a shallow creek.

Micah's jeep leading the way, going up.

From the top we had to go down this side. We had to wait for all of these upcoming vehicles to get to the top before we could head down. It's too narrow to allow two vehicles to pass, but there are several pull offs just in case.

On the way down we ran into this mining ghost town. This is my favorite part of exploring. This town had a booming population of 900 at its peak.

This was one of the final interesting driving points on the trail before we got to Telluride, the ending point.

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