Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lake City Balloon Festival Feb. 9, 2008

Mike and I went to a hot air balloon festival in Lake City. Lake City has an elevation of 8,700 feet, approximately. The hot air balloons were on a large lake (Lake San Christobal) outside the city, at an elevation of just over 9,000 feet. They had nine balloons there, but the most exciting part was yet to come!

I got to ride in one of the hot air balloons! When we decided to go with some of the people from our church, I had no idea that we would be able to ride in them. Unfortunately, because of that, we didn't bring enough money to pay for both Mike and I to go. So my wonderful, unselfish husband let me go.

I was beyond excited!

I got some great shots from the balloon while I was riding it. It was so smooth and I and the two other women who were riding with me got the longest ride of the day, about 25 minutes. I would guess we were about 700 feet above the ground at our highest point.

Another balloon in the air.

One of the other ladies in the balloon was nice enough to take this picture of me.

Three of the balloons landing on the lake after giving their rides to other passengers. You can kind of see the snowmobiles that would ride out to the balloons, catch them and then tow them back to their starting point where they could pick up some more passengers.

This was the balloon I rode in. It looks like it's landing on the mountains, but it's an optical illusion

Mike loved this balloon because of the black flags decorating it.

You can see most of the balloons behind us. The lake had about 3 feet of snow on it.

Mike, trying out some snowshoes that he borrowed from a lady from our church. He was quite good at it. He didn't even need the poles. He just posed with them.

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Marcelo and Laura said...

looks like a ton of fun. i want to definetly try that some time. hope to hear from you soon. miss you guys.