Saturday, April 5, 2008

Canyonlands (Island in the Sky)

Canyonlands National Park is southwest of Moab. It's actually three different sections, divided by the Colorado and Green Rivers. We went to the top section, called 'Island in the Sky.'
This was the first short hike we took to Mesa Arch.

Right under the arch was the edge. It literally dropped off, quite sharply. This was the view.

Here I am reading about the Green River Overlook. The signs were great for pointing out the separate landforms.

This picture cracks me up. That canyon is much farther down and away than it looks.

We took this great hike called Aztec Butte. It took you on the top of a butte that held some Pueblo graneries. The Indians made these graneries in the butte to store the seeds they gathered.

This is me, on the "trail" around the edge of the butte.

Okay, I don't look it, but I was so scared at this point. Mike decided brillantly to forego the rest of the butte trail and just scamper down the side. It was fine, of course, because sandstone is not slick at all, but it was still unnerving.

This is a great picture of Candlestick Butte.

This is Buck Canyon behind us. It was an great expanse of canyons and buttes.

Reading the sign again. This time for Grand View Point. I've never seen the Grand Canyon, but I can't imagine it was much more amazing than this. The Grand View Point is the canyon in which the Colorado and Green River meet.

A tree took this picture. :) The Grand View Point canyon is behind us.

Looking out over Grand View Point - Mike is much more adventurous than me.

Um, not exactly what you're thinking....

I promised not to tell his secret....

God created such beautiful country for us to enjoy!

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