Friday, June 18, 2010

Care for a swim?

We finally got Raeann to the Aquatic Center here in Montrose. I could not believe how many people were there, but I guess there really is no other place to go that's closer than 20 miles. Raeann continues to shock me at how she is not afraid of the things I think she would be. She loved riding in the cool boat we got her and did not even fuss about being splashed in the face accidentally by the other kids.

She got tired of the boat after awhile and wanted out. She enjoyed being held and played with in the water, but she got wiggly after a bit. I think she wanted to be let go of - the stuff a mother's nightmares are made of.

The Center also had this great splash pad with lots of fountains and sprinklers. She did not even care that the water hit her in the face several times.

This might be why her diaper was so water-logged by the time we left.

Mike and I could not resist taking a trip down the quite-large water slide. I have to admit, it made me want to be a kid again!

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