Friday, July 2, 2010

It's all right

We went to Ridgway Reservoir and park this morning, did a little bit of fishing and spent some time at the beach. Keep in mind that this is not beach sand. It's more like gravel because the reservoir is man-made, so it sticks to everything. Raeann enjoyed getting dirty (oh, she's so NOT her mother's child!) and it's all right.
Smearing the sand on her feet...
Hmm...what to do now...
Spending a little time in the chilly water with Daddy.
And with Mommy - notice the different tactics.
Mike gets all the way in with her and I use the boat so I don't have to get too wet and cold.
We spent about an hour fishing along the reservoir before heading to the beach. Our friend Andrew hangs out quite a bit with us now since he moved out here. It's nice to have a Michigan friend out here now.

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