Saturday, August 22, 2009

Crystal Reservoir

Mike was doing some never-ending Colorado research and found that we have two reservoirs about 20 minutes from us that we didn't know about and they were suppose to be pretty good fishing. We haven't gotten any fishing in this summer, with Raeann, so we haven't even bothered to buy fishing licenses, but we wanted to go check it out and see if it was worth fishing at next summer. Crystal Reservoir is formed between Morrow Point Dam and Blue Mesa Dam and looks more like a river than a reservoir. The water level is constantly rising and dropping and you either walk your boat down or walk down and shore fish, which means not very many people take advantange of the fishing here. You can see Morrow Point Dam in this picture. I thought the coolest thing about the dam is that the power plant is actually built inside the mountain on the right.
Raeann LOVES the Snugli now that she can actually be turned around in it and see everything.
The reservoir is actually joined by Cimarron Creek. I saw at least two fish jump here at the seam.

Cimarron Creek
After crossing the bridge there was an even longer trail along the reservoir.

I finally got Mike to wear the Snugli. I think he actually enjoyed it.

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