Thursday, June 19, 2008

Anniversary #3

Bear Creek Trail
Ouray, Co
For our third anniversay we decided to try a hike we hadn't done yet. It was suppose to be very pretty, but other than that and the location, we didn't know much about it. It was just south of Ouray. It's called Bear Creek and it has three different mines on it and you can also hike right up to Engineer Pass (a 7.1 mile hike). We decided to go to the first mine - Grizzly Bear Mine - a 2.4 mile hike. Little did we know that the middle mile of the trail was on the edge of the mountain. Can you see the trail in this picture? Look close - it's right on the edge of the two rock faces; right through the very center of the photo.
Here I am on the trail on the edge. Talk about nerve-wracking.

I spy the trail over there...right on the edge. Can you?

We did see some beautiful views.

This view was rather spectacular. The only problem was that you couldn't walk and look at the same time because of the cliff, so you had to stop if you wanted to see anything.

Mike was so happy to see some bighorn sheep. I think we startled them from their resting place because they were laying right above the trail.

Another scary yet beautiful picture of the scenery and the cliff's edge.

Yes, that's the edge behind me. I kept telling myself not to think about it, otherwise you just psych yourself out.
The first 3/4 of a mile were all switchbacks up the mountain so we could get to that lovely edge. It was pretty spectacular, however, because the trail was over piles of shale and it sounded like you were walking on metal. Clink, clink, clink.

We did come to some spring water run-offs. The trickles were making their way down to the creek below, which was roaring with snowmelt.

If you look close you can see Ouray in the valley far back.

I love this picture. But I kept thinking, "Where are the handrails?"

An awesome view. I found comfort in holding on to the rocks on the "safe side."

Another spring flow coming down the mountain. It was the clearest water I've ever seen. You could see the color of every rock under the water.
I couldn't keep my hands out of it, it was so tempting...but brrr!

At last, the mine! This was the only building left standing. We're not sure what it was used for.

I was so disappointed to see that the rest had fallen. Mike was certain that an avalance or rock slide had taken it out through the years. Many of the heavy metal pieces were buried quite deep. The biggest mystery is however did they get all that heavy metal equipment up there? Did you see that trail?

Here's Mike checking out what was left and wondering, "What did they use this huge metal wheel for?"

It's a good thing to pose by, however!
So happy anniversary! (We did do something conventional and had dinner later that night.) :)

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