Monday, June 9, 2008

Visiting Michigan

Everybody in Colorado (who's never been East) wants to know what Michigan looks like. Well, here it is folks. Gray on top, green on bottom. :) Were we ever glad to see Colorado's big blue sky when we got back!
We got to see our friends Chelo and Laura and baby Elena. It's been five months since we saw her and needless to say, she's grown a lot!

A great "Team Santana" picture.

I'm not sure Elena had ever seen someone as tall as Mike. The next picture we took she was actually looking at the camera, but I thought this was so much cuter.

We did get to fish one day on a pond between my parents' and Mike's parents' houses. It was pretty good fishing. I caught my record number of fish ever.

Look close, you can see the bass I caught just coming out of the water. Jordan was ever helpful that day. He let me do all the fishing!

A good sized bass - the biggest fish I have ever caught!

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