Monday, June 30, 2008

Blue Lakes and the Boys

Blue Lakes Trail
Mt. Sneffels Wilderness

Andrew and Tyler arrived in Grand Junction on Saturday. On Sunday we decided to attempt the Blue Lakes Trail to get them used to hiking at elevation. The trail goes up 2,000 feet in 2.3 miles, with an ending elevation of almost 11,000 feet. Before you get to the trailhead this is the view of Mt. Sneffels, a 14,000 feet tall big ol' boy.
The boys on the trail. I am standing on the switchback below.

Going up....

Yes, we hiked over snow. I was surprised there was as much covering the trail as there was. It didn't make the air too cold though, thank goodness.

We had to hike through a creek running full force down the mountain from snowmelt. You can see Tyler took off his shoes for this little trek. I was lucky enough to have a husband who carried me across.

A better view of the creek.

This is the first lake on the trail. There are two more lakes higher up, but we were exhausted and I have a feeling the snow would've blocked the trail. A beautiful view though.

Mike getting started on the fire. Actually, after this endeavor, Tyler (an Eagle Scout) finished the fire. :)

Andrew was excited to catch some Cutthroat trout in the creek that was flowing out of the lake.

He caught four in all. That's not blood - that's the color they actually are - thus the name Cutthroat.

We threw them on the coals of the fire. Then when they were done, just peel the skin off and there you go! They were actually pretty good. And yes, Dad, I did eat some!

The creek coming down created a beautiful waterfall.

Andrew in front of a breathtaking view.

Going down...
It was probably the hardest hike I've done so far out here and I can't say I'd do it again, but maybe... :)

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