Monday, June 23, 2008

Bicycle Tour of Colorado

Well when I woke up this morning I noticed more bikes than usual going by our window. After an half hour or so there appeared to be thousands; just a steady stream. After a short investigation I found out the the BTC was going through town.

Apparently this Bicycle tour of Colorado is an annual event that starts in Durango then goes to Ouray the first day, Montrose/Black Canyon the second, Telluride the third day (fourth day is a rest in Telluride), Naturita the Fifth, then Cortez and back to Durango. They say on their website the hardest climb in the state is the east portal road in the Black Canyon. I don't even know how it would be possible without burning up brakes. You can't just fly down with all the hair pin turns and it is a 16% grade (steepest I know of anywhere) so you can't go slow too easily.

Anyway, today they stay in Montrose. There are bicyclers everywhere. The numbers on their bikes went well into the 4000's, so there were a bunch. Cali and I decided to take a walk over to the high school to check it out. The good majority of them are staying at the high school in tents. Some others were at hotels. It was a pretty cool sight! Here are some pics.

Lots of tents!

More tents.
They'll use any field :)

Just a small portion of the bikes!

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